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“I am a kinesiologist and have been working in the fitness rehabilitation and personal training field for 12 years now. My health is generally very good as proper nutrition and consistent exercise has been part of my lifestyle for many years. When I first was introduced to VytaMax I was aware of some of the science of HGH, but had serious doubts that I would notice any significant improvements. I have been using many, and most every, supplement that is available and I can honestly say that VytaMax is the most effective supplement I have ever used. Even though my health is quite good, I have noticed a large boost in my energy throughout the day, allowing me to continue working and being active into the evening. And the main thing is that it is a consistent energy, there is no stimulation effect to it. My quality of sleep, even though I have never had problems sleeping, has become so sound and deep that some mornings I wake up and wonder if I even rolled over during the night. I notice that it is much easier for me to build and maintain my muscle mass, which for me, since I do a lot of cardiovascular exercise, has been difficult in the past. There is no doubt in my mind, especially after having thoroughly researched the science behind HgH and secretagogues, that VytaMAx is of tremendous benefit to anyone over 30 and is key to FEELING GREAT every day, all day.”
~ M. Melnychuk

“Now my skin has become far more youthful than other people my age. The most incredible experience I have had is that my eyesight has improved tremendously. Now I seldom need to wear my eyeglasses for distance vision. This all has happened after I started taking VytaMax I will never be without it!”
~ R.K. WA

“I was struggling with menopause, emotional stress, loss of hair, intense hot flashes and lack of sleep. I used to wake up feeling anxious. I started taking VytaMax and soon started feeling happier more relaxed and centered. Within 10 days my hot flashes stabilized and my hair loss stopped. Within four weeks I started to sleep again. I feel more empowered in my life and more connected to the ones I love and work with.”
~ S.M. of Maui, H

“I feel like I’m a new person from head to toe – hair is getting darker, eyes getting better, skin younger looking, muscles stronger, joints more flexible and much, more energy. My whole life has changed.”
~ B.Porter in California

“I am 47 years old and I have been using VytaMax HGH for several months now with great results. My sleep pattern is greatly improved. I haven’t slept this good for years. My muscle mass has improved, my workouts at the gym are more effective. I seem to build muscle easier and I am losing fat which is obvious because I can see the muscle better. My skin has improved, it is not as dry as it used to be and it also heals faster. My hair is getting noticeably darker. I have no trouble recommending VytaMax to anyone and I have told many people in the gym about it now.”
~ R Palmer

“I suffer from Sleep Apnea and the hospital tests showed that I stopped breathing on average 38 times an hour. A physician friend suggested that I try VytaMax to see if it could assist me with my sleeping. The very first night that I took it I slept right through the night. I have slept well every night since and wake up for the first time in over 10 years feeling well rested and refreshed. This is truly remarkable. I am once again a participant in life instead of a spectator. I am a 74 year old male with the usual prostate problems of aging. My plumbing is working better than it has in years. Men will know what I am speaking about. My hair was very white and fine and my wife and barber have noticed that it is much darker and getting thicker. There is new growth of dark hair about an inch long. To say the least I am very pleased with your product!”
~ Mr. G. Steeves

“When I did my aerobics yesterday I breezed through it (and that’s not normal). I haven’t done anything exercise wise in about 2 months. The 10 second count that is always at the end of the aerobics section (I do a video tape) was the most incredible evidence that something was different …I seemed to have lots of energy, I couldn’t believe it was already over when I got to the end of my workout. I’ve only been on VytaMax for 5-6 weeks…Good news for sure!! Thank you people for this product.”
~ H. Clarke

“My hair grows twice as fast as it ever has before. My grey has just about disappeared. My skin is as fresh as a baby’s bottom. My fine lines have disappeared. Aches and pains have gone away, too. I fell off a roof and dislocated one shoulder and could never get it above shoulder height but now it moves around fine. I had tennis elbow created in my past by being a fast ball player in England and also being a professional dart player. I don’t have that problem anymore. On my waist I lost 2 inches and put three inches back on my chest. My calves, thighs and biceps have all gained in muscle mass by an inch each. I run faster now than I did at the age of 50. Thank you VytaMax HGH!”
~ B Ross, age 62

“I first started using VytaMax when a friend introduced it to me. I was a little hesitant at first, but I said I would give it a try. It is a good thing that I stuck with it because I have more energy than I ever had and my weight has went from 215 lbs to 194.4 lbs I can’t wait to see what the next few months will being!”
~ R.Jones

“I am a 63 year old woman in excellent health other than a very painful right hip that ached 24 hours a day. It has only been a few weeks and I can say that I am completely free of pain. This is truly a blessing as I can once again do my exercises, go for long walks etc. I have a constant feeling of “well-being” and an abundance of energy. I have noticed that the lines on my face are “softening” and that my cellulite is rapidly disappearing. I will use VytaMax for the rest of my life. Thank-you.”
~ P.M.C. from Victoria, BC

“I have been on VytaMax for 5 months. It’s amazing. I now have the energy to do all the things that I used to. My skin has improved. I have rosy cheeks again. My legs are cellulite free and sleep beautifully. The sky is the limit – this product really works.”
~ D.D. from BC, Canada

“A friend called me on the very day I was turning 50 and told me about a product that these two Docs had formulated to “turn back the hands of time”. My reaction? I almost had to hang up the phone I was laughing so hard. Fortunately for me, I didn’t. In fact he actually convinced me to try it and I went along, more than anything to humour him as he was was a dear friend. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything he told me turned out to be true and more. I am now a raving fan of VytaMax and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to experience what it’s like to reclaim their youth. My sincere thanks to the dedicated Doctors and Scientists who created this amazing patented supplement! Health and Success to You!”
~ J. Puven, EMD

“My friend Sue and I had been looking for a good anti-aging product. We were very excited when a friend (who was looking much younger than the last time we saw her 8 years ago) introduced us to your product and shared her experience. I belong to a dancing group that performs regularly in our area. Although I have taken many vitamins and health drinks to continue my energy and performing I was amazed at how much better I feel after a few months or taking your pills. My energy and stamina is off the charts not to mention the fact that my constant insomnia is cured. Thank you VytaMax.”
~ M. Vance

“I just wanted to thank you so much for introducing me to VytaMax. What an amazing product! The first day I woke up clear headed and felt so good. Within the first month, I lost about 5 lbs. without even trying! Overall, I feel stronger & happier. Even my sense of smell has improved 🙂 Also, I cannot believe how much better I am sleeping. I haven’t had a deep thorough sleep like this in years. I truly believe everyone should be on this product. It is like nothing I have ever experienced! As you know, I am a Top Producing Realtor & need a lot more energy than most people to do my job as endurance is needed for the long hours & this product rocks! I’ll be spreading the word!”
~ J. Hansen


With the replenishment of HGH levels, your body is restored to a state of well- being and vitality.

  • Crank up your energy levels
  • Tone your muscles and slim your waistline
  • Dramatically shorten your recovery time (from workouts & sex)
  • Kick up your libido
  • Help you look and feel younger
  • Reduce your body fat (especially with exercise)
  • Make you sleep like a baby
  • Even strengthen your immune system to resist illness, heal faster & get sick less often

Enjoy these life enhancing benefits and more as VytaMax delivers the optimal levels of nutritional support to your body.

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