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Given the fast pace at which many of our so called competitors enter the marketplace and the published reports that suggest that some of these products do not actually contain the ingredients or quantities shown on the product’s label, consumers today have cause to be concerned. With such a confusing array of information out there, how can you determine which manufacturers are safe and credible? The only way to know for sure is to rely on a trusted third party certifier such as NSF which is one of the most respected in the world.

NSF developed the nation’s first truly independent testing standard and product certification program strictly for dietary supplements like VytaMax. It is the best of the best which is why we chose them to put us to the test.


While there are several organizations that offer testing programs for dietary supplements, the testing methods and standards used vary.

Several years ago, NSF/ANSI 173 – Dietary Supplements was developed to provide a uniform standard for testing these products to help confirm that what’s on the label is actually present in the product.

Under this standard, testing is also conducted to confirm that there are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the product such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Certification also helps make sure there are no unlisted ingredients, which is useful for those with allergies as well as athletes.

NSF does not simply evaluate test data submitted by a manufacturer. Their program starts by auditing each production facility separately. Samples of the products are then tested by their accredited laboratories to determine if the products are compliant with the requirements of NSF/ANSI 173.


NSF dietary supplements certification process

  • Formulation
  • Label
  • Ingredient suppliers information
  • Manufacturing facilities information

Toxicology review

  • Label and formulation review and comparison
  • Ingredient review
  • Determination of product testing

Annual laboratory testing/analysis

  • Microbiological
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Label content verification
  • Disintegration

Product certification/listing

  • Monitoring of control formulation/ingredient supplier changes
  • Marketplace sampling

Facility inspection

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits of production facilities and review that no banned substances are stored or manufactured at the facility
  • Observations of in-house laboratories
  • Sourcing and traceability procedures
  • Schedule of ingredient supplier audits based on number of suppliers



If you use a dietary supplement certified by NSF, you can be confident that it’s contents are being regularly checked by one of the most respected certifiers in the world.

With so many choices on the market, it pays to be cautious. Do your research and look for the NSF logo on the label.

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